Graphic Design

Beautifully crafted designs in a number of different fields. Choose an area of focus from the list below.

Logo Design

The Ancient Art Council draws inspiration from the textures and materials from the museum's collections.

Celebrating the formation of the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development at San Francisco State University, this new logo uses the bridge to show support for faculty.

The logo design for JaeMe Bereal complements her site by using the established Art Deco theme from the site. The backdrop of her signature adds a more personal touch.

Logo for San Francisco State University's annual New Faculty Orientation which appears on all related publications and print media used for the event.

Logo design for Summit ENT Medical Associates. Both horizontal and vertical versions were created along with an alternate version for the practice's Allergy Department.

Logo branding used for the Universal Design for Learning initiative at San Francisco State University which addresses accessibility in the teaching environment.

Album Artwork

As a follow up remix album to This Means Goodbye, Divide. Don't Multiply the artwork follows the a similar approach with subtle variations.

The artwork for Elements draws from the elemental table and includes a fabricated 'Sp' element with a molecular weight matching the final run time of the album.

The Hydra Science album was released in two volumes: the harder-hitting Volume I features more industrial and cold designs while the more reflective side Volume II features more organic artwork.

Thematically following the Elements album, the artwork for Projects focuses on a simple dark design with the modified Spirograph device logo.

A celestial theme matches the album's music with backdrops of the moon, Egyptian pyramid diagrams, and signal flow diagrams from various audio equipment.

The organic feel for The Twelve Degrees of Loneliness features a combination of disintegrating walls and floors with sharp text to stand out against the bleak backdrops.

This Means Goodbye features a limited color palette accented by imagery of roses and human anatomy (veins appear behind the linear notes).

Print Media

Resource guide given to incoming faculty at San Francisco State University. The guide contains useful information, maps, and links to web sites for additional resources.

The Defy press kit included a short biography, discography, and industry quotes that accompanied a four-track compact disc demo. Versions of the press kit were adapted for the web.

The design for Señor Sancho's menu follows the tropical Mexican theme from the restaurant's web site of which was also designed by Phoenix Studios Productions.

Online Banner Ads

Highlighting the various performers for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco, these online banner ads come from their animated counterparts.

Multiple language versions were created for KQED's Immigration in Focus online banner ads.

For the return of the auction for KQED (a public broadcasting station in northern California), the original mascot from the 1960s was revived for various online banner ads.