Drupal Development

Drupal is a robust content management system that allows the separation between the layout of a site and the content of the site. Drupal allows the client to focus on what is most important: the content of your site.

What Is Drupal?

Drupal is an open-source content management system that allows people to quickly and easily create, maintain, and manage content on a web site. At the most basic level, a Drupal powered web site removes the barriers from maintaining a web site by allowing you to manage all aspects of the content on the site without having to worry about the underlying code for the site layout and structure. Drupal is backed by an ever-growing community of developers who extend the functionality of Drupal through user-contributed modules. These modules- along with the core features of Drupal- allow for a variety of web sites to be built. Examples of Drupal-powered sites can range from a simple blog all the way to a dynamic web portal complete with discussion forums and other social networking features.

What Can I Do With Drupal?

A more fitting question would be, "What can't I do with Drupal?" Drupal offers a number of advanced features and functions to allow almost any type of site to be developed. Some of Drupal's features include:

  • event handling and calendaring
  • automatic image resizing
  • content editing
  • file uploading and management
  • content moderation
  • e-commerce solutions
  • search engine optimization
  • ... and much more

What Does Phoenix Studios Offer with Drupal?

Phoenix Studios can design and develop a fully customized Drupal-based web site for you. Through a one-on-one consultation, Phoenix Studios will help you find out what features you need for your site to succeed.
Site Administration Panel - Quick access to all your content and various administrative tasks to run your web site.

Easy to Use Content Editor - Easy enough for a beginning user to get started but advanced enough to support custom HTML coding if necessary. The toolbar buttons can be customized for each site to provide only the features you need.

Automated Content Backups - Sites are configured to backup the database and all other necessary files to ensure your data is protected.

Content Moderation and Revisions - Keep track of previous versions of pages as well as provide the ability for certain users to approve content before it appears live on the site.

Image Handling - Easily add in image galleries that handle automatic image resizing, thumbnail creation, and support for Lightbox and Colorbox effects.

Drupal in Action

Interested in seeing and reading how Drupal benefits web site development? Take a look at these projects done by Phoenix Studios that have used Drupal.

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