About Bob Moyce

Through Phoenix Studios, I design and develop attractive and dynamic web sites based on web standards with a focus on usability and accessibility. I'm also a graphic designer by trade with print materials, logos and brand identity, and album artwork to my credit.

Being both a graphic designer and a web developer allows me to merge my talents to offer the best possible experience for my clients and their customers. Beginning in the early days of the web (when frames, blink tags, and dial up modems were king), I have taught myself XHTML, CSS, and PHP as well as the necessary skills and applications for graphic design. As the web evolved, so did my skill set, and Phoenix Studios represents my most latest work.

Phoenix Studios Productions represents the entirety of my online portfolio and spans the various projects I have created over the years. I chose the name since I have an interest in mythology and feel the phoenix as a symbol is an accurate representation of the continual reinvention and refinement of my work.

I invite you to explore my portfolio and consider hiring me for your future projects.

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